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  • CPS unlocking passwords. FLASH / QuickTime (2min)
  • Key Application data file download . This is the procdure you would use to download the data files that your students will be working with when they use the text book from Essential Skills for Digital Literacy. For those of you using student accounts don't forget to log on as an adminstrator to do the download! Instructions PDF , FLASH or QuickTime (1 min 45 sec)
  • CLC Flowchart PDF
  • Preparing an Excel file for bulk upload. (No audio, I will add it later) Since there is no audio download the notes to understand what I am doing. Notes / FLASH or QuickTime ( 2min 50 sec)
  • CPS Bulk upload. (No audio, I will add it later) Since there is no audio download the notes to understand what I am doing. Notes / FLASH or QuickTime (6 min 30 sec)
  • Self enrolling into Mentor. FLASH or AVI (1min)
  • Sample video for group enrolling of students in a subgroup.There is no audio on this one, but it will be added later. Quicktime video (45 sec)
  • HL 12/4/06 Cheat Sheets- These are the cheat sheets for two things. One is the basic set up for iQ System, 2005 practice test, Power user account, and putting the 2005 practice test in to the desktops of all users. The other is a list of reminders as you prepare to give the certification exam. Click on the following links to download the files. Basic set up file / Reminders for exam
  • Power user account set up. In the Horizon Live session for 11/20/06 Brett covers how to set up this account. This is important if you do not want your students to be in the Administrator account when they do the 2005 practice test or use the iQ System for the certification exam. Word
  • FLASH 9 downloads. It is best if you can go to Adobe to do the download (http://www.macromedia.com/downloads) , but if you cannot use the following links. Mac (OSX and up) PC
  • 2005 Syllabus IC3 Complete Skillset- After you download the Excel file (xls), the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the page let you see the different modules (Living Online, Key Applications, and Computer Fundamentals) xls

2005 IC3 Practice Test Download New!
Initial Install Code: 135711
Reactivation Code: 1719232931

Tech Support Number
Dell Technical Support
Optiplex 72-69077
Tutorials Title
How to login into the system
Creating a New User

iQ6.01 System Download
-Unzip file and run setup.exe

Portal (Testing) Bulk upload Tutorial

-Bulk upload spreadsheet (.csv)

iQ6 tutorials

Benchmark and Mentor Guides
  • CPS Admin Guide PDF
  • CPS Student Guide PDF
Portal Registrtation Guides
  • Register as a Test Candidate PDF
  • Register as an iQ Center PDF
Link to Wimba CLC Meeting room

CLC Program Administrators

To access the link below, you need to have a DOE Lotus Notes web login and password. If you do not have one, please check with your school's technology coordinator or Lotus Notes Help at help_notes@notes.k12.hi.us.

Administrative Documents & Files Link

Sample Projects and
Assignments Created by CLC Teachers

From Gayle Loui - Waipahu Intermediate (12/5/05)
  • Helpful Tips [PDF] [WORD]
  • Password Handout [PDF] [WORD]
  • Key Applications Student Tracking Handout [PDF] [WORD]
From Polly Tanji - Kaimuki Middle (4/27/06)
  • Module 2 - Key Applications Student Log [PDF] [WORD]
  • Module 3 - Living Online Student Log [PDF] [WORD]
Excel Examples Title
From Susan Moynihan - Kaimuki Middle School (11/30/05)
  • Fill in the blank pre-test when completing the spreadsheet training. [PDF] [Word]
  • Excel Project [PDF] [Word]
  • Sample of completed Excel Project [PDF] [Excel]
Word Examples Title
Coming Soon!
PowerPoint Examples Title
Coming Soon!

Draft K-8 Computer Literacy Scope & Sequence

  • Easy Scope and Sequence PDF
  • Living Online PDF
  • Key Applications PDF
  • Computer Basic PDF

Sample Scope and Sequence

Click on the links below to view a sample scope and sequence provided by Farrington-Kaiser Technology Coordinators.

Implementation Design [PDF]

Kindergarten [PDF]
Grade 1 [PDF]
Grade 2 [PDF]
Grade 3 [PDF]

Grade 4 [PDF]
Grade 5 [PDF]
Grade 6 [PDF]
Grade 7 - 9 [PDF]
Grade 9 - 12 [PDF]

Professional Development Opportunities

Want to strengthen your computer skills and knowledge? Participate in the Project Inspire professional development courses sponsored by Advanced Technology Research Branch. Register now on the PDERI website under the Computer Technology category.

Scope and Sequence Image and Link Implementation Design link




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