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WHAT is Computer Literacy Certification?

The 2005-06 school year offers a unique opportunity for offering to all 8th graders an opportunity to demonstrate their computer skills through a globally recognized certificate.   Testing opportunities will be open to all 8 th graders.

This is a great opportunity for us to embrace the Public School Vision of a High School graduate, who will have the technology skills to "pursue post-secondary education and/or careers without the need for remediation".   A very strong commitment to NCLB's additional goals of "...ensuring that every student is technologically literate by the time the student finishes the eighth grade, regardless of the student's race, ethnicity, gender, family income, geographic location, or disability."   This also ensures meeting the expectations of Hawaii's Act 309   "...to prepare Hawaii's public school students to earn a place in the global, electronic marketplace of the future by:   Requiring all pupils to be progressively competent in the use of computer technology;"

HOW am I involved?                        

You are among the Middle Schools to take advantage of this testing opportunity. Your main task is to provide opportunities for eighth graders to test for computer literacy certification. Schools will begin setting up as testing centers in September 2005.   Teachers will begin their own certification process in October and November. Schools will begin testing from second semester.

All Middle Schools will receive professional development opportunities, a copy of the National Educational Technology Standards for Students, two different textbooks on basic computer knowledge and skills, and an on-line curriculum.

WHAT exactly will the students be doing?

Students will take two certification exams that test basic word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, common program functions, networks and the Internet.





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